A Brief History of Quilting

There have always been people in my family that quilted.  I never had a lot of interest until recently.
My sewing machine with seam ripper on
the left and small scissors on the right.

For Christmas, I received a Brother sewing machine and decided to learn to quilt.  My first project was to be a t-shirt quilt of all the t-shirts I have that hold sentimental value but are no longer viable to wear.

Kim spent a day teaching me the basics of quilting and the skills that I would need to pull of my first quilt.  I learned interfacing, measuring and cutting, squaring blocks, sewing, making a quilt sandwich, quilting and binding.  These were all fairly simple on the small scale I was working on.  This is the product of my learning to quilt and sew.  Can you believe that I have never sewn a stitch on an machine before this tiny quilt?

When getting back to Arkansas, I started on my t-shirt quilt.  I took a day off work and started interfacing the t-shirts and cutting many squares.  This was the end product of piecing the quilt top.  It took ten days from start to finish for the t-shirt quilt.  That was some really hard work using hundreds of meters of thread.  I went through a whole 500 meter spool on this quilt alone.

After working on the t-shirt quilt I got hooked.  I started following all of the quilt blogs on right side bar.  My favorites are probably Film in the Fridge and PS I Quilt.

In my next post, I will show my stash and my latest project.

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