Weekend Update!

So I finished the postage stamp quilt top today. There are no pictures because it is too big to hold up and take pictures.  But I promise to take pictures when it is completed...sometime in March.

The leftover fabric from the quilt I was going to use to make placemats.  Well here is one completed.

Cute right?  But there are problems...
Here is it compared to the placemats we have on the table.  Its a wee bit small.  The quilter in me can't just throw it away after spending so much time on it.  So here is my solution...
Now I have a new mouse pad.  And three more...

It is nice for wide sweeping mousing.  Anybody else want one?  Leave me a comment if you do or if you can think of another solution for a 10"x 14" micro-quilt.

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