Well little has developed on the quilting front.  School has ramped up with midterms in a couple weeks and that leaves little time for quilting.  I have to go to Dallas for a conference March 4-6.  Accounting conference is a party....probably not really.

I have ordered the rest of the fabric for the postage stamp quilt and I am excited to finish it.  But I want to finish the purple quilt first.

I do have a little something to show you though!

Today I ordered labels to go on the quilts so they have a history.  I couldn't find any that I really liked because they tend to be old-lady-ish.  So I mocked up a label that I liked and am having it printed on fabric.

Spoonflower is the company I am ordering this through and I am excited to see the final product. It should be here by 2/25...can't wait!  Until then here is the mock up but it will be printed around 80 times on a fat quarter.  So I have 80 labels for $11!

It has space in the middle to write in who the quilt is for and when it was made.  You know the things that are always changing!

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