New Fabric Wednesday!

It's been a while.  I have been overwhelmed with school and done very little sewing.  However, that all changed last week on spring break.  Derek and I flew to Arizona to see Dad and Kim.

I took the purple quilt to finish the quilting and bind it.  So finally I get to check that one off the to-do list and move on to another project.  I can't post pictures until the gift is given so it will be awhile until the internet gets to see it.  :)

In Tucson, Kim and I hit up the quilt stores.  I got some great Moda Pre-cuts that I quickly assembled into a scruffily quilt top.  The scruffily quilt instructions are posted here at the Moda Bake Shop.

On this quilt top the seams of the centered squares are sewn on top so when you wash it they fray and become all snuggily.  I can't wait to finish quilting this one so I can see it happen.

Here is a close up of the quilt design.

I also got some other awesome fat quarters and other new fabrics.  Those will be used soon!

My graduation gift from Dad and Kim was a new iPad 2.  It is a lot of fun but totally a toy.  All I do is watch movies, play games and surf the internet on it.  Remember back when I made the nook/kindle covers I tried to make an iPad one too.  Well it didn't fit the original iPad but the 2 totally fits in it...almost like it was planned all along.

I ordered some new fabric this week so the rest of this post will be fabric porn.  :)

Solids were on sale so I totally stocked up.  I got two different rollups (42 pieces 2.5" wide by 44" long).

I also got a Kona card that has cuts of all 219 colors so you can match what color will work best since with online ordering color can differ by computer monitor and internet browser.

And I got yardage of neutrals for sashing in future quilts.

Finally I got a jelly roll of "Just Wing It" by Momo.  So far Momo is one of my favorite designers for Moda.  Just look at those great prints.

Thats all that is new in my neck of the woods.  I'll try to update sooner but grad school has 5 weeks left to kick my butt.

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