75 Things that have changed since April 20, 2011.

Kanzashi flower

[should be more in order, but really aren’t]
001.  51 days have passed
002.  made adorable potholders for mother’s day
003.  made a grilling potholder for Steve
004.  last ever final exams happened
005.  stressed out way hard over finals and somehow passed

006.  UCA allowed me to graduate
007.  spent mother’s day making kanzashi flowers
008.  had a great big party at Grammy’s house
009.  ate a ton of chick-fil-a nuggets
Kanzashi flower
010.  now have a masters in accountancy and a bachelors of business administration

011.  had two interviews that didn’t pan out
012.  decided to wait for the perfect job and not take the first one that comes along
013.  spent a week at Walt Disney World in Orlando
014.  got a cold/sinus infection/bronchitis/consumption while at WDW
015.  felt my head explode while flying home

016.  landed without our baggage and had to wait for it to arrive the next day
Souvenirs from WDW
017.  stressed out that the souvenirs would be lost
018.  came home and slept for a week
019.  decided to look at houses
020.  decided to build a house

021.  met with a loan officer and was approved with little proof
022.  picked a floor plan and a location and a builder
023.  developed a lot of trust in the builder sales person
024.  picked colors and upgrades for the house
025.  signed the contracts

026.  waited three weeks for plans
Purple quilt
027.  found out that the builder sales person quit/was fired/no longer works there
028.  freaked out
029.  found a real estate agent to take over the dealings with the new [horrible] builder sales person
030.  signing new contracts?!?

031.  gave chelsey her purple graduation quilt
032.  helped kimberly finish chelsey’s tee-shirt quilt
033.  chelsey graduated high school and moved to texas
034.  started working less
Half Square Triangles cut
035.  started Becker CPA slave school

036.  Becker classes are four hours long three days a week covering
80+ pages of incredibly dense material
037.  need to be working on homework…oh like right now
038.  cut all the “It’s a Hoot” fabric for a quilt
039.  made an insane number of half-square triangles and four patches

040.  decided to make it bigger into a queen sized quilt
041.  went momentarily insane
042.  cut more fabric and pieced more half-square triangles and four patches
Half Square Triangles Pressed
043.  before that I started piecing the color brick quilt
044.  sewed the grey strips to the sides of the blocks
045.  couldn’t decide on a layout and put it aside

046.  four weeks later and still haven’t decided
047.  done very little quilting/sewing lately
048.  sewing table and machine are currently covered in the postage stamp quilt
049.  its been sandwiched and pinned and began to quilt and then got busy and haven’t come back to it
050.  have spent a lot of time looking at it though

Mostly yardage
051.  reorganized my fabric horde
052.  went to northwest arkansas and visited the rabbit’s lair in rogers, ar
053.  bought more fabric and an adorable pattern that may be over my skill level
054.  found out that some friends are having their first baby
055.  bought more fabric with the intention of making baby quilts even though i don’t know the gender or if there is a theme

056.  derek had to reign me in
057.  again reorganized my fabric horde
058.  started planning for my sewing  studio in the new house
All Fat Quarters
059.  started planning a massive ikea trip in september
060.  made flashcards for the cpa exam

061.  mailed in my cpa exam application
062.  faxed in a corrected form for my cpa application
063.  they really need better directions for that application, everyone i have talked to had to fax in a corrected form
064.  registered for the bap national conference in denver, co in august
065.  made derek jealous that i am going to denver in august

066.  bought a stash of batting from joanns with a coupon
067.  bought new rotary blades after wearing mine out
068.  stopped shopping to save money
069.  decided i might have a problem with fabric purchases
070.  decided to not purchase unless it is to finish a project [ie backing fabric]

071.  realized my decision not to purchase probably wouldn’t last
072.  redrew my studio plans in scale
073.  decided i was procrastinating
074.  vowed to study
075.  wrote this blog post

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  1. Lil' monsters quilt pattern is ADORABLE!! I bet you'll be able to figure it out!

    Your list made me chuckle! Would love to see the house plans when you get a chance!