Battle of the SEC West Quilt

This weekend I finished the Arkansas/Alabama quilt for Sonny, Bryan's father.  Sonny has always been a football and basketball fan for the Razorbacks and given Bryan's sister worked at U of Alabama for a while it cemented the combined love for both teams.

This is easily the most traditional quilt that I have made thus far and those chain blocks were a pain in the butt.  I meant to but forgot to take a picture of the backside of one of those blocks to show all the tiny seams.  Oh well.

The pattern is a quilt along done by TraceyJay.

There are four columns of Arkansas blocks and three columns of Alabama blocks.  The back is an equal distribution of both fabrics and the binding is done in Alabama 'A' fabric.  The quilt is pretty solidly 50-50 to both teams.

I did zig zag quilting around an inch apart.  That comes out to around 55 lines of zig zag quilting.  It makes the quilt have a great texture.

This is the back.  I pieced it out of the leftover fabric from the front and a little white along the bottoms.  It almost makes for a reversible quilt.  The binding is done in an Alabama 'A' fabric.


  1. Love the Arkansas fabrics!!! Not so much the Alabama lol, but what a great quilt idea!!!! It is beautiful. Do you mind if I ask where you got the razorback fabrics?