Early Birthday Pillows

Back at Christmas when we were in Tucson, I came home with a jelly roll of Terrain to make more pillows for Kim's bed.  I made some for her Christmas and I knew that she has a birthday coming up at the beginning of March.  I began to see these granny square blocks popping up around flickr and blogland and knew they would work great. 

I made these two pillow fronts with tiny 1" sashing. 


I also made this one from looking at a Red Pepper Quilts design and another similar pattern I had. I had to reduce the size of the blocks and actually do some math.  :)

And then I made this one again.  I've made this one several times in Kona solids. 

Now Kim just needs to finish up her Terrain double wedding ring and she will have tons [7] pillow to put on the bed. 

Impatient that I am I finished these pillows in early February and sent them a little early for her birthday.  


Annabell does this every single time something blanket like hits the floor. 

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  1. I LOVE my pillows! I will be quilting the dwr this weekend since I have lonely pillows now. Promise!