February is almost over!

Well this quilt I finished up around the 7th of February but have been lacking in my blogging schedule so I am just now getting around to posting about it. 

One of Derek's co-workers collects t-shirts from vacations and such and wanted a quilt made from them.  She sent over around 60+ tshirts so I split them into sports shirts and vacation shirts.  She decided that she wanted the sports quilt and I got set to make it. 

So I pretty much got the top finished up on Saturday.  I almost ran out of the dot fabric but the mailman came with the fabric just in time. 

Then on Sunday I had to go to NLR to pickup the flannel from Jo-Ann's. I had been sick the week before and had barely left the house, so I drug Derek with me.  [Of course he had to stay in the car and listen to the radio and kill my car battery within the 20 minutes I was in the store.UGH!]

Here is the backing of the quilt.  The grey flannel is quite snuggily and provides additional weight for the quilt. 

Here is my new quilt label that I had made at Spoonflower.  I included washing directions since that can be confusing for some people.  I even made a little mockup of my sewing machine to fit in on the left.  Derek rolled his eyes quite heavily at that addition...and then called the labels pretentious [your wife never forgets!] for their larger size.  

I have also been working on some birthday presents for a March 5th birthday and almost have finished up my Sparkle Outfoxed quilt top.  Pictures of both to come soon!

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