The Lorax

One of the nephews is obsessed.obsessed with the Lorax.  He has read the book almost a hundred million times and went and critiqued the movie for accuracy, bearing in mind he just turned 3.

And since Robert Kaufman keeps releasing adorable, like I think I died a little, Dr. Seuss fabrics, I knew he needed a Lorax quilt for his birthday.

So his birthday party is on Saturday and he will be getting this little beauty.  (it's a beaute Clark)

This quilt came together quickly with a panel of 10 images from the book, I presume, and 9 fat quarters of the supporting prints.  I saved one of the fat quarters for the binding and supplementing with solids when I ran out.  I also did this cute tumbler design on the back to break up the solids.  With my GoBaby! cutter it was ridiculously easy to line them all up.  

Name:  The Lorax
Fabric:  The Lorax by Robert Kaufman, Kona Papaya, Kona Bahama Blue, Kona Chocolate, and various Kona greens.  
Quilting:  Free motion stippling by me
Size:  40" x 65" 


  1. I love this! I bought the panel quite awhile ago but haven't done anything with it since I didn't like the pattern that was at the quilt shop. I am sure the nephew will love it. Can you tell me how wide of strips you used to border each of the 'pages'?

    1. Well I have been looking all week for my notes from this quilt and it has proven unsuccessful.

      From what I can remember, the borders are probably 2.5 inches cut and the border bricks are probably 3"x6" cut.

      I hope that gives you a starting point.

  2. yours is one of my favorite lorax quilts I have seen! I bought the pack and some yardage to make something, but I haven't quite found something I like (or been able to think of something!)