This past week

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So this past week I was very productive sewing/quilting wise.  I assembled the quilt top of 'It's a Hoot' fabric.  Right now it measures at 86 inch square so it will be the biggest quilt yet on my machine.  

Also this week I started on Swoon blocks.  Each block takes 2 hours but hopefully it will go quicker now that everything is cut and I can get a system down.  There are only 9 blocks on this quilt because each block is 24 inches with the quilt finishing at 80 inches square.  I am going to try a new quilting method on this one to attempt to be more decorative.  I am going to quilt each block as I go and then sew the blocks together and add the backing.  Here is block #1.  

And here is the bundle of fabrics that I am working with.  

And finally this week I finished up the bowtie quilt that I was a carryover from last year.  The fabrics used are from a line called Hometown.  There is one great fabric [in a couple different colorways] with citys and towns from all over the US and world.  

This quilt has been named Hometown Ties for quite a while and I am glad that it finally got finished.  This quilt was actually one that pushed me to learn free motion quilting because I didn't know how else to quilt it that would add dimension to the quilt.  

This quilt used every single bit of a layer cake [42--10 inch squares of all the fabrics] and those zig zags on the back led to the creation of the other zig zag quilt I finished in January...which just proves how long this quilt has been in the works.  

Here's to hoping that this week can be just as successful!

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