Better late than never

Wow it has been waaaaay too long since I've been blogging.  I started a new full time job on June 1 and have only this last week gotten where I am not ready to pass out tired when I get home.  So that means some sewing has been happening.  

My [way too grown up] little brother graduated high school back in May and I [of course] gifted him quilty items.  First up is the Equalizer Quilt.  This was based around a FatQuarterShop pattern but reworked to make it bigger.

Equalizer Quilt

Wavy quilting lines and super soft flannel backed

He is a wannabe rockstar guitarplayer who is shipping off to join the Navy in September.  So maybe this quilt will remind him of home while he is away.

His favorite thing I made was these guitar straps.  I followed the tutorial of OneShabbyChick and made these.  They were pretty easy to make and impressed the brother, the hubs, and the stepdad!

I also finished another tshirt quilt but I went and gave it away without getting pictures.

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