Well this year I have definitely earned an F in blogging.  But a lot of these quilts have been gifts so now is the time I have to blog and post pictures of them.  Over the next week I will have a new post each day showing the final 8 quilts I finished this year.

Starting off with the Sonic the Hedgehog Quilt!

This was nephew quilt number 3 of the year.  This one was finished in November just in time for his birthday.  I managed to sneak this finish in between football games this year and deliver it to NWA.  

This quilt was entirely pixelated with over 150 squares to make up the image. I zigzag stitched down each column to not take away from the overall look.  

It was backed in his favorite color, blue flannel, and bound in red cross-hatch fabric.  It was well received and Derek of course was smitten with the pixelated look.  

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